Little Known Ways to Find Your Skin Undertone

Determining your skin undertone can help you to make the most flattering choices in make up, jewellery and fashion. Choosing the right colours for you, can make your skin, hair and eyes appear to be more shiny, radiant and glowing. There are different, easy techniques to find out which skin undertone you have. 

Skin undertones

The first one is the cool undertone where you have got rather blue, pink or red undertones. Celebrities with a cool undertone are Januars Jones, Scarlett Johansson, Lucy Lu, Anne Hathaway.
The second one is the warm undertone where you have a more yellow or orange undertone. Celebrities with a warm undertone are Nicole Kidman, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Aniston.
The last one is the neural undertone where there's a mix of warm and cool undertoneExamples of celebrities with a neutral undertone: Dita Von Teese, Alyssa Milano, Kelly Clarkson, Victoria Beckham.

The Vein Test

The easiest way to find out your skin undertone ist to look at the colour of your veins. Just look at your veins on the inside of your wrist. If they are more blue, you have a cool undertone. If they are more green, then you have a warm undertone. If you can tell probably ore they are a mix of both, you are a neutral undertone.

White Fabric Test

Pull your hair back in a tight ponytail and out a white towel or T-shirt around your neck and shoulders. If your skin's reflection ist more blue, you have a cool undertone. If your skin looks more yellow, you are a warm undertone and when your skin looks more green, then you are neutral.

Silver/Gold Test

Put on silver and gold jewelleries and have a look which flatters you most. If silver look better one you, you have a cool undergone. If gold looks better on you have a warm undertone. If you think both look good on you, then you might be neutral.

There is also the possibility to determine your undertone by looking at your eye and hair colour, however, I am not a fan of this techniques, as there are so many exceptions in this techniques. For example, I have green eyes (cool), but dark blond hair with a red undertone (warm). This technique only works for a few people.

These were the techniques to find your skin undertone that worked for me. I hope this was helpful. Let me know which undertone you are!

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