Best of Body Rock

Hey guys!!!

Are you a BodyRocker?? Do you love this great feeling after every single workout? Did you also lost weight our gained a ton of muscles?
And if you don't know BodyRock, do you hate to go to the gym or to spend 2 hours on such "muscle machines"? Do you want to get fit even though you have got just a very short time?

Then PLEASE check this site here!!
Again, I'm definitely not paid for this. I am just a Body Rocker for 100% and I saw a hugh progress on my own body!
Also, these guys who created this company are absolutely sympathetic!!

Therefore, I want to tell you my Best of Body Rock workouts subdivided into different periods of time:

... 4 Minutes - Best 4-Minute Workout
Just brutal!
... 6 Minute Workout... 12 Minutes - Keep it hard -> the hardest workout ever
- Halo of Sweat -> hard & teeny tiny movements
... 15 Minutes - Hot Body Workout -> contains all my fav exercises
... 20 Minutes - Rock'n No Rolls Workout
... Full Body Workouts - Sexy and Jacked Workout (17min)
- Nightmare 300 Rep Workout (25 min) -> perfect for fat loss

So these are my top workouts. Obviously, I change my workout every single day and I always add new ones to my schedule, but these are the ones which I really enjoy doing! Body Rock today :D

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