Spring/Summer Floral Hair Trend

Hey guys!!
The sun is shining and the nature blossoms. So why don't you bring the blossom in your hair?

In my last haul I bought me a bunch of flowers :D Inspired by my fav youtube channel for hairstyles, I am creating loads of hairstyles at the moment. I can promise you that your friends will be impressed with your creativity!!
If you want to have inspirations for your hair like I need them click here please!

Well, i bought this flowers:

Both H&M flowers: 2,95€ Both Accessorize flowers: 8.90€

Obviously, you can find in both stores lots of more flowers in different colours and sizes. Besides, you might be lucky to find some cheaper flowers :D

Here is my inspiration for the flowers:

I can say for sure that these flowers give every single hairstyle during the summer time a special glow. Everyone will look at you in an interested way, not a scared one :D When you add this to your hair, you will look much more fresher and summery, of course. Please try this out, I never thought that this will make such a difference!!

Have a nice day!!! xx

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