Summer Goddess Makeup Tutorial!

Hey guys!!
Do like to look beautiful, glowy and shiny in these hot summer days? I hate wearing too much makeup, so I keep my makeup really light, but absolutely eyecatching!
This is perfect for your next pool party or a beautiful sunny day :D
So let's get started!

Products I used:
# Sleek Storm Palette first eyeshadow in the first row
# Catrice Eyeshadow 070 Mr. Copper's Fields
# P2 eyeshadow 060 Chicago Street
# MNY Lipgloss 281
# MNY Lipstick 802A
# Blush by Markwins International
# Nivea Double Designer Black Mystic Mascara (discontinued)
# Essence Gel Eyeliner 02 London Baby
# Brushes (Powder, 2 Ankle brushes, blending brush & normal eyeshadow brush)

I've already applied my moisturizer and my concealer. Now I apply a light champagne nude colour all over the lid.

Then use a tiny bit of a darker, more copper colour. Apply it in your crease and blend it into the lighter eyeshadow.

Now, highlight your skin underneath your eyebrows with a white eyeshadow and blend it in. Also, use the white colour to place it in the inner eyes and just on the half (!) of your waterline.

After that you use a dark brown gel eyeliner o liquid eyeliner (I used a gel liner) and draw a very thin line in the inner eye and flick it up at the end of your eye for the little catish effect. My tip: Start really thin and apply it thicker afterwards. Also, try to be as close to the lash line as possible!

Also use the gel eyeliner (or a kajal pencil) to apply it on the waterline of outer corner of your eyes.

Don't forget to use an eye lash curler and apply lots of mascara!

Now we got to the lips and we tap a pink lipstick on our lips, so that we have just a slight pink colour.

Then, you apply a pink lipgloss in order to soften the colour and to make to look more glowy.

After that, we use a soft pink, rosy blush. Apply this with circular movements on the apples of your cheeks and blend it towards your ears.

And then we are finished! This is the a really beautiful, shimmery summer look!

I hope you like it!
See you soon, Bye Bye! xx

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