Outfit Of The Day: Casual Summer

Hey guys!!

This is going to be a quick Outfit Of The Day. Today it was a really hot sunny day!
So here is my airy summer outfit. I have one more beachy and one more casual version for this with just an easy change.

This is how it looks like:

Short: H&M; Shirt:Zara; Flower: H&M; Bracelet: somewhere in Namibia :D

And the shoes are the change. Firstly you can were normal flip flop for the beach or a pool party like I did it! I wore some cool brown flip flops from H&M which have got a brown, braid leather string to hold the foot in place.

Or you can wear some real cool Chucks for the more edgy, casual look:

On my eyes I just wore my Summer Goddess Tutorial which you can find here!
My hair was in a really elegant up-do, which reminds me of a rose, and I featured it with a big flower.

And my earring where some really classic ones, like these:

I hope you enjoyed it and stay tuned for lot of other tutorials :D
Your thefirstgoldengirl

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