Hugh Haul!!!

Hey guys!

Recently I bought lots of clothes for the summer and spring, but I just had to have very very urgently some short, airy tops for a party. If you want to see a haul where I bought a massive amount of clothes then please write this as a comment!!!

However, which beautyfreak can't go into a drugstore without buying something for makeup!?!??! I just had a relapse, but I really limited my cosmetic hauls, because I want to invest into other stuff than makeup (clothes! :D)

Firstly, I want to show you my tops. I bought just a white and a pink basic top from which the white one is extremely transparent. So I bought a more wider, straight-cut top which you can wear on top of the first one and you can do a knot on the side.

Then, I just saw this really cool striped long shirt/dress. The cloth is gathered on both sides with a really cute list. You can wear it has a dress with a cool leggings or you can gather it a little bit more in order to wear it as a long shirt.

Then I bought this cosmetic:
# Balea Handcreme & Balsam in flavor chamomile
# teeny-weeny black elastic band (even if I don't have black hair :))
# Manhattan Go Big Eyeshadow Pen 35W
# Catrice Lipstick Ultimate Shine 110 Shy Flamingo
# Essence Lipstick 53 Half Baked Cupcake
# Max Factor Creamy Blush 18 soft cardinal
# Wellaflex hair mousse for waves & curls
# Balea peeling in flavor grapefruit

If you want to have a review on any of these products than please tell me that!!


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