My Fitness Inspiration + Fitness Update

 As you might can tell, recently I am on a fitness and health kick. However, I concentrated myself on sport and also had my fitness plan where I really sticked to, but I didn't see a massive difference. I could feel the muscles and see a few of them, but there weren't that visible because of the fat on top of my muscles.
No amount of sport can show you the result which a good diet does. The diet influences the weight loss about 70% whereas sport supports this only about 30%. I don't intend to lose weight primarily, but I want to get a more defined body where I can see my muscles and look more toned. The key of a healthy diet is clean eating. I will talk about clean eating in detail in another post. I follow this eating method with passion and totally love it. I feel energized and vitalized without being stuffed.
My inspiration and motivation for my new step to my "dream body" is the Bodyrock-Team. Bodyrock is a online website which post mainly free workout videos, sometimes also diet tips or hauls. However, my full diet inspirations are Lisa-Marie and recently Haley. These two woman do the workouts in front of the camera and post a lot of pictures on Facebook. Especially, Lisa-Marie posts great motivational pictures as you can see a few of them here even though she is even an inspiration. 

 How do you get your fitness inspiration and motivation?

Wish you a wonderful day!
Lots of love,

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