Who Else Wants to Be Happy in Life?

Be happy. Enjoy your life.
Everyone know these sentences and I know that it is not always easy to think positive in every situation. And sometimes we need our "dark hours", but hey, we only life once and the life is such a precious, such a wonderful and unique thing! I just can't, I really CAN'T stand out when people are in a quiet hard situation and they always want to have pity, attention. I just hate it. Don't understand me wrong - I am a really helpful person and I think we all should support each other, but at a certain point the (self-)pity has to stop! 
Just forget all your worries in a second, open your eyes, see your situation form another point and just smile. Smile for a minute & reward your soul with a little tread whether it is food, sport, a walk outdoor or a little shopping tour. Just do something for yourself and experience your life! Your problems might also solve themselves or you can sort your thoughts from a realistic view point.
Just have the best time of your life!

I hope you like your life. Wish you a wonderful day/life! Love,

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