Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Shine Control Moisturizer

After a long long time I finally did a review again. I wanted to do a review of this Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Shine Control Moisturizer since summer, but never found the time and passion to fulfil it. So here we go.
Price: can't remember between 7-9€
Content: 40ml
Durability: 12 months

Garnier promises: 
"Even oily skin that’s prone to problems needs to be kept hydrated. Garnier developed a unique formula using carefully selected natural ingredients: white clay and zinc to matify skin, and salicylic acid for purifying power. The result is an ultra-efficient matte-finish moisturizer that leaves skin looking healthy and clean."

Smell, Consistency & Colour
The consistency is like a normal moisturizer. The moisturizer is water based so it is a really light cream and thus, perfect for combination to oily skin. The cream is white and the cream has not a strong specific smell. It smells a tiny bit "green" which has probably something to do with Pure Naturals line by Garnier.

Direct application
1 minute later
I have got quiet oily skin especially during the summer and I literally just needed a fingertip of product. I will probably need more in the winter, nevertheless I am really impressed of the mattifying effect of this cream. Seriously, one minute after the application your whole skin is matt without feeling dry or not moisturized at all. 
This moisturizer is amazing. I think it is created as a morning moisturizer because if the mattifying effect, however, I actually use it as a night moisturizer. I think with oily skin you don't need a lot of moisturizer even in the night and a too thick moisturizer can cause pimples. The cream doesn't has a miracle effect on my blemishes, however, it does prevent from producing more of these. Thus, I can totally recommend this if you are searching for a great moisturizer for combination to oily skin.

Comment below whether you have any experience with this Garnier line?

Wish you a wonderful day!
Lots of love,

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