Corduroy Trousers and Black Blouse - Outfit of the Day

Hey guys!
Every woman knows that: We have clothes in our wardrobe that we hardly ever wear, but still we don't throw them away. A research even showed that a woman only wears about 10% of her wardrobe and I have to admit that I probably only wear about 25% of my clothes. So I rediscovered a black blouse which I own for 2 years, however, I have probably worn it five times. The problem with a black, quiet conservative cut blouse is that it can easily look like you are going to a funeral. Or you just look depressed and ill. Nevertheless, after two years I finally came out with an outfit that I really like.

The outfit

Blouse: Vero Moda. Corduroy Trousers: Mavi Jeans. Belt: H&M. Shoes: Buffalo Shoes.

Because of the black of the blouse, I wanted to balance this outfit out by wearing colourful trousers. So I decided to go with some soft red corduroy trousers which are perfect for this season. In order to combine these two colours, I tucked the blouse in the trousers, used a black belt and went for black patent-leather shoes. Even though there is a lot black going on, the patent-leather is still a real eye catcher. 

Jewellery, Make-up & Perfume
Necklace: Bijou Brigitte. Earrings: Jeweller. Perfume: YSL Paris.
Make-up: matte medium brown - all over the lid. white - inner corner. black winged liner.

Jewellery-wise I kept everything more in the gold, classic, subtle section because the black blouse is bold enough for me. Also my make-up was pretty simple, but I really love this simple look and YSL Paris transports exactly this bold but feminine, elegant feeling.
I hope you liked this outfit and comment below what do you think about corduroy fashion?

Wish you a wonderful day! Lots of love,

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