November Favourites!

Hello guys!
So I totally forgot doing my October favourites and before I forget it this month and will be mad at myself for the whole month, I will do my beauty favourites for November today. I hope you are as excited as I am to share with you my favourite products, so let's get started!

(from left to right)
1st row: 
Max Factor Soft Resistant Makeup in 1 Light: This is my current everyday foundation and it is just amazing for pale ladies like me. It has a medium to strong coverage which covers up all my pimples and lasts really long, thus, it's perfect for my long university days. 
NYX Blush in Mauve: I purchased my first NYX products this month and totally fell in love with them. This blush is the perfect colour between rosy, bronzy and peachy so that it just gives you the perfect subtle colour. I am not sure whether this blush is strong enough for really dark skin tones.
Manhattan Duo Eyeshadow: Unfortunately, this eyeshadow duo isn't available anymore, but it just contains a beautiful light, shimmery, rosy highlighting colour and a slightly darker, red-rose colour for the crease. I loved to use the light colour as a highlight this month.
Maybelline Super 24h Concealer: I have this concealer in the lightest shade and I love it. I use it under my eyes and and it really stays there for the entire day and doesn't go into your wrinkles.
H&M Bronzing Powder: You have to use this bronzer on a light hand otherwise you will look like a huge orange monster, but applied with gentle strokes over your cheekbones it just looks really fresh during this winter time. I use it as a blusher as I think the bronzer might be too orange for a natural sun kissed look.

2nd row:
NYX 10 Colour Eyeshadow Palette in Bubbles and Caviar: Oh my gosh, guys! Why did I discover this product only now?! This is the second part of my NYX Haul and I would call it a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked palette. Once I saw the palette, I had to have it and now I use it nearly every single day! I can totally recommend buying it!
Catrice Eye Brow Stylist in 020 Date With Ash-ton: Besides the name, the product is really great and cooperates perfectly with my natural hair colour with its ashy undertone. Again, you have to apply this product also with a light hand and slowly build up the colour of your eyebrows. I didn't now that for quiet a while and always ended up having two bold lines over my eyes.
Vichy Dermablend Concealer in 21 Opal: This is by far the best concealer for acne which I have ever used and I doubt that I will ever use another one. You only need a tiny amount of product to cover up any pimple no matter how red it is and it look super natural and not cakey at all.
Manhattan Eyeshadow Base: Another product that I used the wrong way for half a year. You only need a fingertip of product for two eyelids and then your eyeshadow stay on for the entire day even after doing a workout!
Labello Repair & Care: I am not sure whether I have already mentioned this product in any of my post, but I received this as a present and love it. It is not a normal lib balm, no, it consists if a deep-moisturizing formulation and a slightly rosy colour which is just the perfect combination for the frosting winter season.

I also really loved using the Balea Body Lotions with chocolate and chocolate / fig scent and the Essence Winter Edition Hand Protection Balms, especially the Apple Cinnamon Punch one, which I have just purchased recently and can be seen in my latest haul!

So these were my November favourites. I just realised that during the last two months I rediscovered quite a lot of old products respectively finally learned how do use them right. Well, that's another way to save money :) I hope you found a few of these products interesting and see you later! Also, comment below what are your favourite products for this month & are you excited about christmas?


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