Who Else Wants to Get Into Christmas Mood?

Hello guys!
Last year I found it really hard getting into christmas mood whereas the year before that, I got into christmas mood too early. However, I think, now is the right time to slowly get into christmas mood and thus, I made up a little list of activities and things that helps me getting into christmas mood and therefore, will help to enjoy the christmas time a lot more. So without any further ado and detailed description, let's get started.

My christmas booster

❄ planning all important pre-christmas activities, like I do actually or e.g. shopping, outfits, make-up,...
❄ having an advent wreath and burn another candle every sunday
❄ burning (scented) candles, in general
❄ having an advents calendar
❄ putting up all the christmas decoration
❄ baking christmas cookies
❄ listen to christmas music & play songs on the guitar
❄ watching christmas movies

❄ snow!
❄ do christmas shopping with a friend
❄ watching christmas Youtube videos
❄ planning and doing my christmas make-up
❄ doing wintery / christmasy nail design (you are reminded of christmas every time when you look at your nails)

❄ going to a christmas market! (I know that some of you don't have them, but seriously they are soooo romantic and festive!)
❄ wrapping christmas presents
❄ the highlight: buying a christmas tree
❄ decorating the christmas tree
❄ sitting with decorated room, tree, tea and warm socks in front of the fireplace with my family

So these were the little things that really help me getting into christmas mood. I am really looking forward to christmas so much this year, mainly, because I love giving all the presents to my friends and family and because the whole family finally comes together and spends some time together! I hope you liked this post and tell me what helps you getting into christmas mood?

Wish you a wonderful pre-christmas time! Love,

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