My Winter Beauty / Fashion / Lifestyle Essentials

Are you ready for winter? Well, I hope you are because it's starts to get freaking cold here and I kind of think that we have skipped the autumn in our region. For me, winter needs some special preparations and products, thus, today I want to show you my beauty / fashion / lifestyle essentials for winter that I really need during the winter.
1. Tissues are an essential item in everyones handbag because when I go from the cold into the warm, my nose always starts running. And it's really impolite to snuffle all the time.
2. Hand cream is so important because of the cold weather and the dry heated air, my hands are getting so dry and rough. So I think, every one should have a little hand cream in its handbag too.
3. & 4. Because of the cold weather not only the skin is dry but also lips are chapped way much easier, so I have to have a really deep moisturizing lip balm and also a rich body butter.
5. Then I love to swap the scent from my body butter and shower gel to a more spicy, aromatic, maybe sweet and nutty scent. Or even invest in a really nice gel for beautiful foam bath.
6. You have to change your moisturizer to a richer one. Because of the wind, the cold temperatures, snow etc. your skin has to endure a lot more exertions and so it is important that you keep it well moisturized also because dry skin will cause wrinkles.

7. Really warm boots that are giving your footbed enough support and have a good profile are essential.
8. During the winter I seriously can't live without warm socks. I just can't stand out house slippers so I have to wear my cozy, warm socks to feel comfortable at home.
9. That's quiet obvious, but in order to survive the winter everyone needs a proper scarf, some good handcuffs and, if you have a cap-face, a cool winter cap. You actually lose 10% of your body heat through your heat.
10. THE essential piece is a warm jacket. And I am not talking about a stylish, designer jacket made out of satin, no, we don't want to freeze and be sick during the whole winter, so invest in a good, warm jacket even though it is not the stylist version. Additionally, I also like to have a warmer indoor jacket like a fleece jacket where I can cuddle myself up.
11. When it's getting darker outside and we are all staying more inside the house, I really enjoy lighting a candle while I am reading a book or actually writing blog posts.
12. Hot drinks are my life saver and my source of happiness during the whole winter season. I personally love to drink tea, but whether it is hot chocolate or a arm cup of coffee, I just love snuggle myself into the corner with a warm cup in my hand.
13. The best thing about winter and staying mostly at home is spending some evening night with your family watching christmas DVD or nice films in general.

All these aspects are on the one hand essential and necessary for my well-being and on the other hand just complete my christmasy winter feeling. I am really looking forward to coming into christmas mood and to experience the whole christmas spirit this year!

Wish you a wonderful day! Love,

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