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Hello everyone!

The third advent has passed, we have set up our Christmas tree and it is only one week left and we have Christmas. In between I have to write three major exams which kind of inhibits my Christmas anticipation, but I hope that I will feel at least a bit christmasy after Thursday. As it is close to Christmas I thought it might interest you to get to know a bit more about my Christmas habits and because only found one Christmas TAG created by Zoella that I really loved, I though I am going to do this today!

The Questions
1. When do you start getting excited about Christmas?

This changes every year and is really depended on my current stress level. Last year, I was in christmas mood way to early so that I was almost annoyed of Christmas when it was Christmas. This year I was really excited about christmas at the end of november, but then with december my exams started so that this mood faded into nothing. I really, really hope that I will start getting excited about Christmas when my exams are over which is on Thursday.

2. Do you still have advent calendars?

Yes! I live in Germany and here the advent calendar is a huge tradition and so everyone which I know has one.
3. What are your favourite Christmas Films?

I love "Love Actually", "Polar Express", "The Muppet Christmas Carol" and a rather sad one "The Family Stone".

4. Do you have any funny Christmas memories?

Uff, well not really. My grandparents are really funny people so there always happens something funny every single year, but these are just spontaneous sometimes a bit embarrassing moments.

5. Talk us through your typical Christmas Day?On the 24th we have a relaxed start with a nice breakfast, then do some arrangements till lunch and have a light lunch. In the afternoon, we usually watch a film, at 6pm we exchange our presents and have dinner. At the evening, we always do something in the family (playing, watching film etc.). Then the next two days are always family meetings and I celebrate Christmas with my father separately.

6. What do you eat for Christmas Dinner?
Traditionally we eat goose, dumplings and red cabbage (yes really german!). We are going to eat this at my grandparents' house this year, so we are going to make something in a pot-au-feu where you can build fish, meat and vegetables in vegetable stock. At my father's house we are probably going to eat deer or feral pig.

7. Do you have any Christmas traditions?

Decorating the christmas tree is always a whole family event for us and is really a symbol for the Christmas time. Here in Germany, we also always bake "Plätzchen" which are a bit like a mixture between gingerbread and sugar shortbread and taste absolutely amazing! On the 24th we always watch a film, the Santa comes at 6pm and we always sit in the living room together. The family meetings are mainly about eating and spending some time together.

8. Which are your favourite Christmas songs?
All christmas songs from Michael Bublé e.g. "Cold December Night", "I's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas" and "All I Want For Christmas Is You". Then I also enjoy listening to "Driving Home For Christmas" by Chris Rea and "Merry X-Mas Everybody" by Slade.

9. What is the best Christmas present you ever received?

Oh, I don't know. I am seriously happy about every present that I get because I think, it's more about the thought of the person. I actually start getting terribly excited about giving the presents to other people and seeing their joy and their reactions. I don't know what it is but giving presents to other people make me so much happier than getting one.

10.Real or fake christmas tree?

Real! We had a fake one last real because newspapers had warned for insects that might be in the christmas tree because of the mild winter. However, due to the fact that we have all missed the smell and look of a real christmas tree, we had to buy a real one this year!

So this was my Christmas Tag for this year! I seriously can not believe that we are that close to Christmas, I can only imagine writing my autumn blog posts for you and here we are really close to a New Year which also means nearly one year of blogging continually! I hope you all have a beautiful christmas time!

Wish you a wonderful day! Love,

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