DM + Christmas Decoration Haul

Hello guys!
Okay, I have to admit: I slowly really start to get into christmas mood which is actually weird because last year I wasn't into christmas mood at all and just felt a bit christmasy two days before Christmas Eve. Thus, even though it's a bit early to be in christmas mood, I prefer it to having it only two day before christmas. Anticipation is the greatest joy! So in order to make my room appear a bit more christmasy I bought just a few christmas items for my room (my room isn't that big) and had to walk into the drugstore ;)

Drugstore / DM:
Firstly, I purchased to candies for my handbag. The left one are the DM "Das gesunde Plus" candies with sea buckthorn flavour which taste really nice and sour. I also bought the new Ricola candies with liquorice flavour and sweetened with stevia which have got an interesting taste of liquorice, herbs and a bit salty. 
Then I bought the Essence Winter Limited Edition 24h hand protection balm in Apple Cinnamon Punch and Gingerbread Chai Latte each for 0,95€. I think these particular flavours are not available internationally, however, Essence offers these Winter Edition hand creams but just with other flavours. I will do a detailed review of these products, but I am seriously in love with the smell of both of them. I can highly recommend buying them whereas I didn't liked the smell of Caramel Hot Chocolate that much. 
These products are only available in Germany, so I will go on in German:
Passend zur kalten Weihnachtszeit verspürte ich das Bedürfnis nach einer schönen, süßen und reichhaltigen Körperpflege nach einem schönen heißem Bad. Und ich wurde bei Balea fündig, die passend zu jeder Jahreszeit immer neue, interessante Düfte herausbringen. Gekauft habe ich mir die Balea Bodylotion mit Feigen- und Schokoladenduft, welche zunächst etwas fruchtig aber dann wundervoll leicht nach Schokolade riecht, und dann noch die Balea Young Bodylotion Sweet Wonderland, die intensiv und einfach nur wunderbar nach Schokolade duftet. Zur Pflegewirkung kann ich noch nicht so viel sagen, aber ich denke, ich werde ein gesammelten Blogpost über meine Körpercremes schreiben.
As every other human being on this world I also bought a toothpaste - the Colgate MaxWhite. It claims to make your teeth a bit whiter and whiter teeth are always better.

Christmas Decoration:
In order to boost my christmas mood I walked into Butler's and found a few really nice items. As I am a total tea-addictive I was caught by this beautiful, christmasy, snowy, white and red cup that will be well-used and will remind me of christmas every day. It costs 3,99€.
The highlight of my decoration haul is this BEAUTIFUL golden and glittery deer. I love it so much! It is sweet, sparkly but in the same time kind of a "natural object". It is no on my vanity table so I see it every day and it makes me so happy just looking at it. The price of this is 9,99€.
Technically I have enough candles, but all my candles are from Ikea so they have a noticeable scent but that intense which is great when you have the open in your room for the whole time. Higher priced candles e.g. Yankee Candles or even this middle-priced candle have a lid on top which is great, because then you don't have to smell the intense flavour all the time. And personally, I get a headache quite fastly. Therefore, I bought this scented candle with a rich cinnamon scent for approx. 3,50€. Butler's also has some great room scents!

So this was my drugstore and christmas decoration haul. I know that it's not the hugest haul you've ever seen but I just wanted to make myself a few little presents in order to get in a better mood which is harder to get caused by this grey, cold weather. Are you already in christmas mood? 

Wish you a wonderful day! Love,

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