Have a Christmas Tree You Can Be Proud Of

Hello everybody!
Last Sunday we finally decorated our christmas tree, but because I am still living at my parents' house and thus, we have a christmas tree together, I can not decide how we are going to decorate the christmas tree on my own. My family loves to mix different styles and to hang up a lot of unique, artistic christmas ornaments, so that at the end our christmas tree looks lovely but quite kitschy. Inspired by this decoration, I thought about how I would resp. how I will decorate my christmas tree next year as I am going to move to my own flat. So here is my creation:

My christmas tree:

As my favourite colours are neutral shades, beige, cream, white, silver and gold, I also wanted to incorporate this into my christmas tree. I also would top my christmas tree with a beautiful cream bow instead of the classy golden star. In general, I really love this elegant and sophisticated look! The lion represents any more unique ornaments that I declare as being beautiful e.g. silver or gold snowflakes or fir cones ;) . What do you think about this design and how does your christmas tree looks like?

Wish you a wonderful christmas time! Love,

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