Corduroy Shorts Festive Winter Outfit of the Day!

Hello everyone!
Today I want to share with my outfit of the day. It start to get really freezing outside and because of the fact that we slowly start to get closer to christmas I wanted to boost my christmas mood by also dressing a bit festive. Thus, I decided to go for this green, lavender and white argyle sweater and my comfy but quite dressy corduroy shorts. Combined with tights and some nice and warm grey or black boots, it will keep you warm.

The outfit

Sweater: Montego. Corduroy Shorts: Esprit. Tights: Primark.


Today's hairstyle was a bit extravagant. I french-braided my fringe back on both sides and tied them together into a bun. Really easy, but quite effective.

Make-up & Jewellery:

Earrings: Konplott.
Make-up: all over the lid - Sleek Storm Palette light rosy colour. eyeliner - manhattan blue felt-tip liner. lips - Rimmel Vintage Pink Lipstick. (a lot darker than in the picture)

It's rather unusual that I wear a darker lipstick for university, however, since it's stays so grey and cloudy during the whole day, I really like to wear darker colours. Im fact, the whole day was an experiment, because I have never worn a blue liner before but I think that this liner is dark enough and even looks like black with the normal room light. Anyway, I hope you liked this outfit and tell me what do you think about corduroy textures in the winter time?

Wish you a wonderful day! Love,

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