My New Hair Colour!!!

Hello everybody!

Have you ever experienced a moment where you know it is the time to do something no matter what you want to do. When you just can not live under the current circumstances anymore and you have to change it immediately. Well, this exactly happened with me on Wednesday. I couldn't stand out my hair colour anymore. It just didn't fit my lifestyle and my personality anymore. I don't know why it came and how it came, but I have never wanted to change my hair colour that urgently in my entire life yet and I have never scheduled an appointment at my hair dresser without thinking about it for at least 2 weeks.

Well, I did it. I am blonde! Okay, to be honest, I have already been blonde before, but it was more a medium blonde which turned out to be really dark during the winter time. So I have already talked about my Balea Lightening Spray which, unfortunately, made my hair a bit orange as I have a red undertone in my blonde and so this was the right time to get some nice and professional light blonde highlights.

My main inspiration was Scarlett Johansson even though I don't look nothing like here, but she has got the same fair complexion and natural hair colour as I have. My real hair colour is pretty similar to hers:

And here is Scarlett Johansson with blonde highlights and some other inspirational pictures:

And with this spirit I walked into my hair dresser, decided to get a lot of thin and natural blonde highlights all around my head and I love it! Of course, I have to get used to my new look but I think, that it makes me a lot fresher, brighter and awake, especially during the winter time. It also suits better to my personality, I just don't "feel like my old hair colour any more" as I find that blonde highlights transfer a certain atmosphere with them like joy, happiness, lively, experimentally.

Even though this was a rather spontaneous action which I so untypical for me, I love it so much guys. One reason I never wanted to dye my hair is because of the roots but since this week I know that these are just excuses or worries of a person that doesn't want something for 100%. I can just say to you: If you want something - Just do it!

What do you think about highlighting your hair?
Wish you a wonderful day! Love,


  1. You have an inspiring attitude! I did the same thing before when I wanted to cut my hair short. My friends and my family said that it will not suit me. But I followed what I wanted and I love my hair short until now. Aside from what you mentioned, blonde is an all time favorite because it suggests strength, youth, and high value, just like in the fairytale stories of Cinderella, Rapunzel, and Goldilocks. Anyway, I hope you’re still happy with your hair color.

    Tara Day

    1. Wow, cutting the hair short is a huge step and I am glad that you liked it! I totally agree that one should do things that makes you happy even though others don't support this step. It goes without saying that "blonde" transports a lot of values, emotions and characteristics, but I think that my blonde hair rather represents a new chapter in my life in which I try to incorporate "lively & happiness" which I haven't done that much until right now. I hope that you enjoyed reading my blog ;)

  2. “If you want something - Just do it!” – I most certainly agree! Taking a risk is part of life and beauty regimen. But I advise you not to go too far, especially when it comes to coloring and dyeing your hair. It would be best to check with your colorist first if the color that you want would suit the condition of your tresses. Anyway, Scar Jo’s hair is also phenomenal! I hope to see the result of your spontaneous hair action!


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