3 Christmas Outfit Ideas for 3 Different Occasions

Hello guys!
5 Days left and then it is Christmas! I seriously can't believe it because of my exams, the weeks flew by without any christmas emotions and so FINALLY today I can start getting into christmas. I actually went to a really funny trip to the christmas market with my course today and on Friday I will wrap all the christmas presents. So I thought this is a great time to show you my 3 christmas outfits that I am going to wear for three different occasions. Perhaps this might be an inspiration for your christmas outfits. 

Outfit No. 1: The laid-back family evening time - Christmas Eve

Trousers: Only. Sweater: Only. Socks: Christmas Socks.

In Germany, the Christ Child comes on Christmas Eve, so we exchange our presents in the evening and no one goes out in that evening. Thus, we all stay together in our little family throughout the whole day and there is seriously no need to dress up. I am just going to wear my Christmas sweater and my Christmas socks.

Outfit No. 2: The official family meeting - 1st Christmas Day

Dress: H&M. Tights. Heels: Buffalo. Jacket: Esprit.

This is a great outfit for an official family meeting because it is a bit dressed up and fashionable, but still rather cute and sweet because you don't want to look to overdressed on a family dinner especially when all your grandparents and grandaunts etc. are there. Because the dress is sleeveless, I added my new tweet jacket which I absolutely love and just adds a glamorous touch to the outfit.

Outfit No. 3: The posh Christmas dinner - 2nd Christmas Day

Sweater: Montego. Skirt: Vero Moda. Tights. Heels: Buffalo.

The sequin skirt is definitely the eye catcher of this whole outfit and suits perfectly to a posh dinner in an expensive restaurant. I wanted to incorporate the signature christmas colour red into my outfit which is the reason why I chose this sweater. You can also wear a nice blouse to the skirt.

So these were my three Christmas outfit ideas for three completely different occasions. I hope you found this post helpful and you were able to get a bit inspired by my outfits. Let me know in a comment below what you are going to wear for christmas or what do you think is the perfect christmas outfit?

Wish you a wonderful pre-christmas time!!! Love,

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