Shape Up for Christmas in 24 Days - The Advent calendar challenge

Hello everybody!
The advent time has started this weekend which means that we are finally in the christmas time and you might have already opened the first three doors of your advent calendar. Yes, I did so too and according to all the sweets and heavy meals that almost everyone starts to eat during this season and then desperately longs for a thinner body in the next year, I thought about a little challenge. This challenge is like your personal advent calendar because the challenge will last 24 days. 24 days of healthy clean eating with few christmas exceptions, 24 days of during sport regularly, 24 days of shaping up for christmas.

I am not talking about self-mortification and indulging all the christmas treats while others eat everything, which is the reason why I would call it a "lighter" challenge. Christmas cookies and other treats are a part of this christmas time and help to get into christmas mood and to really enjoy the time. Thus, eat your christmas treats, but in moderation. Keep in mind that you are on a challenge to get in a better shape till christmas so that you deserve the christmas meal and maybe also look a bit better in your christmas dress. So activate the competitive feeling in you and open with every new door of your advent calendar a new day of your personal health and fitness challenge. I swear, people will be jealous of your achievements!

So this is actually a challenge in which I participated today. I will keep you updated with my experiences and results. What do you think about this idea? Do you think such a "lighter" challenge inspired by a personal advent calendar might inhibit your christmas mood?

Wish you a wonderful day! Love,

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