My Winter Music Playlist!

Hello everyone!
Today I want to share with you my winter music playlist which I just created yesterday for the upcoming winter time. I really love music and seriously, can not live without music. It's like music intensifies every emotion and able to get you into a certain mood. Thus, I do a little music playlist every now and then through the year in order to boost my mood while I am driving a my car. Yes, this is a car CD, thus, for this playlist, these aspects are important:

❆ it is a car CD, hence, we have max. 18-20 songs
❆ it is a winter playlist, not a christmas playlist (will come soon!)
❆ imagine you are driving through a calm & snowy winter wonderland

My winter playlist

1. I Will Talk and Hollywood Will Listen - Robbie Williams
2. In Love with the world - Aura Dione
3. Now My Feet Won't Touch the Ground - Coldplay
4. White Christmas - Bing Crosby
5. The Hardest Part - Coldplay
6. Merry Xmas Everybody - Slade
7. The Power of Love - Frankie Goes To Hollywood
8. Born To Die - Lana Del Rey
9. Postcards from Far Away - Coldplay
10. Mr. Bojangles - Robbie Williams
11. The Old Hardy Joins Bagger By the Sea - Rachel Portman
12. Merry Christmas Everyone - Shakin' Stevens
13. Amsterdam - Coldplay

This is my winter music playlist for 2012. I intended to express a really calm, only a tiny bit of christmasy, more relaxing, slower atmosphere which fits perfectly in the winter wonderland. I always to these kind of CD because firstly, my car doesn't owe an iPod docking station and I was still not capable of organising one for me and secondly, the music quality from a CD is so much better than from the radio!
I hope you liked this little post and tell me whether you also create your own playlist for your car?

Wish you a wonderful pre-christmas time! Love,

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