3 Beautiful & Wearable Christmas Makeup Ideas

Hello guys!

A few days ago I posted my three fashion outfits for Christmas and I thought I might share with you my three Christmas makeups that I am going to wear. If you want to know which outfit I am going to combine with this makeup look than have a look at that post. I know that these are actually not makeup looks that are created on my own but I seriously didn't find the time to do anything ore time-consuming as I have my final exams going on. So please excuse! I also know that it is a bit late concerning that Christmas Eve is tomorrow, but I hope you find one of them inspirational.

Makeup look No. 1: Christmas Eve

This is not a typical Christmas eye makeup, but I love the combination of pink and ashy browns and because we are just staying at home I though I will do a natural but still visible makeup. I will probably add some black liner on the upper lash line and when we will exchange our presents, I will add a nice red lip.

Makeup look No. 2: 1st Christmas Day

This is a German Youtuber, but you will be able to understand the tutorial as it has no further explanations. A really nice cranberry makeup that focuses on the eyes which is great when you are just going out for a dinner.

Makeup look No. 2: 2nd Christmas Day

This is the most dramatic makeup from all three and incredibly beautiful. The focus is definitely on teh eyes which is again great for a dinner and the more dramatic version suits to my whole outfit and to the occasion. This is actually a makeup look that I am really looking forward to recreating it.

So that's it for my makeup during Christmas. I still can not believe that Christmas is tomorrow and then we have to wait another year until the magic of these days will come back again. Hopefully I won't have all my final exams during this time again. Comment below which makeup you are going to wear!

Wish you a wonderful Christmas! Love,

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