Best of German - Fashion Brands

Here we go with another "Best of German" series according to the upcoming Olympic games. As I talked about the most famous and successful international German beauty brands, I want to focus now on German fashion brands. If you want to know which brands have been selected then keep on reading!

JOOP! GmbH is a clothing and cosmetics company founded as a designer label by German fashion designer Wolfgang Joop in Hamburg, Germany, in 1986. Joop has established a successful license business that offers womenswear, menswear, kid's clothing, sportswear, jeans, accessories, fragrances and home articles. 

Karl Lagerfeld
Okay I know that Karl Lagerfeld is a person and obviously, not a fashion brand, but he has created several fashion collections. He creates about ten collections per year named by himself and he also design the popular Chanel collection every year. He was born on 10th September 1933 in Hamburg, Germany.

Adidas AG is a German sports clothing manufacturer and parent company, which consists of the Reebok sportswear company, TaylorMade and Rockport. The company produces sports footwear, bags, shirts, watches, eyewear and other sports- and clothing-related goods. The company is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and the second biggest sportswear manufacturer in the world after Nike. By the way Puma, another big sports clothing manufacturer, also comes from Germany.

Hugo Boss
Hugo Boss AG is a German fashion and style house based in Metzingen, Germany. It is named after its founder, Hugo Boss (1885–1948). I was so surprised that someone can really have such a cool name. Hugo Boss currently has at least 6,102 points of sale in 110 countries. Hugo Boss AG directly owns over 364 retail stores with over 1,000 stores and shops owned by franchisees. Hugo Boss offers men clothing, women clothing, sportswear, kids clothing and fragrances. Seriously, the fragrances are absolutely amazing for men and women and they always have really hot male models.

Escada is an international luxury fashion group in women's designer clothing. Escada was founded by Margaretha and Wolfgang Ley in 1978 in Munich, Germany. The company has a presence in about 60 different countries. Its main sales markets are North America, western and eastern Europe and Asia. I love the dresses of Escada, but unfortunately they are too expensive for me.
Tom Tailor
Now that most of the products that I've mentioned are luxury products I want to add an effortable, but really nice brand. Tom Tailor Group is a German vertically integrated lifestyle clothing company. It was founded in 1962 in Hamburg. Tom Tailor mainly provides classic and up-to-date casual wear and accessories for men, women, young adults and children. The company's core markets are Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Benelux countries and France.

So this is my "Best of German - Fashion Brands" edition. I hope you enjoyed reading this! I know that there exists a lot of other really good German fashion brands, but I just selected my favourite ones.

Wish you a wonderful day!
Lots of love,

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