Little Break

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It is summer and so I decided to take a little break in order to go on vacation for a week or even longer. This means that there won't be any posts in the upcoming days. I hope you don't mind and even can take the chance to go on vacation too.

A break is really important for you. It keeps your mind clear, you can get rid of stress and you can finally forget everything from your everyday life. Just have a little fun during this time. Meet people, meet new places, get inspiration and see the world from another view.

The reason why I don't know when I am back is because we actually haven't planned the holiday completely. We know where we want to go and the hotels are booked, so the "outer frame" does exist. However, we will probably find other exciting places or just spontaneously decide to stay for a little while, because we travel by car, so we are more mobile.

I wish you a wonderful summer and we see us in one week!

Lots of love,

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