8 Effortless Ways How To Save Space In Your Luggage

Everyone knows the problem: We are packing our suitcase and even though we have planned everything it doesn't suit into our suitcase. However, you really need the four pairs of shoes and the five different trousers! So I want to show you how to save space in your luggage without cutting out any fashion items just by preparing yourself.

1. Exfoliate
Start to exfoliate your body a few times before going to vacation. This will make your skin really smooth and once you create your skin before you leave really well, you can skip the exfoliating routine for your vacation.

2. Moisturize
As well as it is important to exfoliate you will really notice a difference when you start to moisturize your body a few days before leaving for vacation. This will make your skin smooth for the holidays.

3. Self tan
Apply a light self tanner on your body or in the areas where you want to apply it. You can also just apply it on your face. With a bit of self tanner you will look healthy before arriving in your destination and when you go in a warmer country, you don't have to take self tanner with you because you are going to get tanned anywhere. Also, when you have a long flight, with a bit of a tan on your face you will look a lot fresher.

4. Fix nails
Of course you should take an emergency nail kit with you, but it is really useful when you fix your nails and do a little manicure. So you may even don't have to use your nail kit.

5. Paint your nails
Or should I better say DON'T paint your nails. What I mean is that you shouldn't paint your nails with a bold colour, because you have to carry a nail polish remover and your nail polish with you. However, a clear top coat will look really lovely on your nails.

6. Plug your eyebrows
Don't forget to plug your eyebrows before leaving to vacation. Eyebrows are the frame of your face and will enhance every eye make-up.

7. Shave
In order to jump right into the sea, you don't have to forget to shave. For a longer holiday you can use these shavers with an integrated soap than you can save space too. 

8. Don't try something new
This sounds a bit strange, but by avoiding trying out new products you can also avoiding have an allergic reaction. Any by avoiding an allergic reaction, you don't have to take with you extra concealer, make-up, anti-allergic creams etc.

Of course, when you are staying for a two weeks vacation, you might have to take on of these products with you. However, even the preparation of yourself can at least save some time and effort on your body during your vacation, so that you can totally get relaxed and don't worry about your body.

I hope this post was helpful. 
Do you any preparation on yourself before leaving for holidays?

All the best,

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