May/June Favourites

Two new months are over, so it's time for my bi-monthly favourites. I currently use so a lot of different products that I think about doing a favorites post every month, so let's have a look whether this will happen. 

Essence Sun Club Bronzer for Blondes
I bought this products years ago, but I never knew how to use it because it has a really red undertone so that it isn't usable as a bronzer. However, applied as a normal blush concentrated on the apples of the cheeks, this products gives you a natural tanned and "heated" look.

Essence Eyeshadow - 22 blockbuster and Artdeco Eyeshadow 520
I used the Essence eyeshadow to create a neutral and flawless base and the Artdeco eyeshadow to put this in the crease as a natural shadow. Especially the Artdeco is the best eyeshadow for a natural shadow in the crease and it can also be used to fill in your eyebrows.

Maybelline Everfresh Concealer
I used this concealer for my under eye circles for years now. However, recently I used this concealer for pimples, any redness and my under eye circles, so that this little concealer replaced my whole foundation. I think this is a great alternative for the summer.

Manhattan Gel Eyeliner Black and Manhattan Eyeliner Brush
Even though I had a love-hate-relationshio with gel eyeliner, especially with cleaning the eyeliner brush afterwards, I really love these two items a lot. After a bit of practice the eyeliner brush is absolutely great to draw a precise line and the eyeliner lasts the whole day.

Rival de Loop Eyeshadow Pencil - 11 Frosty White
Originaly this pencil was bought in order to function as a base for any eye make-up look. However, the colour payoff is not extremely intense, so I found out that it refreshes every eye make-up when you apply it along your waterline.

Blistex Lip Tone
I did a review of this products (click here), but to sum up, it is the perfect everyday lipcolour which moisturizes the lips and gives a natural red lip colour.

Essence Stay with me lipgloss - 02 my favourite milk shake
This lipgloss is a long lasting lipgloss and indeed, it lasts at least 6 hours. It is a natural, beautiful, nude rosy colour that doesn't crease and your lips even appear bigger.

Alverde Bodybutter Macadamianut and Karitébutter
This is an absolute amazing body butter, because it really moisturizes even very dry skin. In fact, this is the first body butter that has a strong smoothing effect on my skin.

88 Neutral Eyeshadow Palette - light green and medium brown, green eyeshadow
I mixed a light green eyeshadow with a little bit of gold glitter and a medium green eyeshadow with a tiny brown tone in order to create an eyeshadow that is similar to  the MAC eyeshadow Patina. I loved to use this natural, but unordinary eyeshadow as an everyday look all over the lid.

So these were my beauty favourites for the last two months. I hope you liked reading this post and please let me know whether you would be interested in a beauty favourite every month and even in a non-beauty favourite!

Wish you a wonderful day!

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