10 Important Reasons Why You Should Exercise

I know that a lot of you struggle with doing sport on a regular basis and yes, I also struggled with the same problem. I know that the motivation can get lost and you stop doing sport without even noticing it. However, today I want to tell you 10 important reasons why you should exercise and which benefits you are going to get!  If you want to know which reasons motivate me, then keep on reading!

No. 1: Better sleep
The first thing that I noticed that I immediately feel when I miss my workouts is the better sleep. You feel more exhausted from the day and as long as you not workout 2 hours before going to bed you will have a more restful sleep!

No. 2: You'll feel better. 
I am not talking about your personality that can change by doing workouts, but you feel better in general because it will be easier to cope with stresses and strains. Also you will have more energy, vitality and cardio in your everyday life.

No. 3: You'll look better.
Increased muscle tone. Increased strength. Better skin and posture are just three of the side effects of taking regular exercise. 

No. 4: Get ill less. 
By exercising on a regular basis, your body will find it easier to deal with viruses and germs. Also you decrease probability of get type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, migraines, back and muscle problems and pains, arthritis and other heart and immune system related problems.

No. 5: Improved concentration. 
You can improve your concentration and thus, your organisation in your everyday life which allows you setting higher goals and fitness levels.
No. 6: Improved social life. 
By joining a gym, a sport club or any other club, it is obvious that you will get t know a lot of new people and probably will make new friends because they are all there for the same reason: getting fit and changing the body!   Also outdoor activities like sailing or climbing are great in finding a new community.

No. 7: Lose weight. 
We all know the famous crash diets like Atkins, Detox etc., however, the safest and easiest way of losing weight is just by regular exercise. Just remember a minus in your calories mean weight loss.

No. 8: Increase confidence. 
What I noticed the most is that by feeling better in general, losing weight, changing my whole body and really noticing the benefits, also my self confidence increased a lot. You and your friends will definitely notice it. I became much more communicate and brave.

No. 9: Decreased blood pressure. 
By doing sport on a regular basis your blood pressure, which is the pressure of your blood in your arteries, will lower and thus, will decrease the risk of heart attack and coronary disease.

No. 10: Increased bone strength. 
Regular exercise can prevent from osteoporosis which can affect you at any age. Sport will strengthens the bones and the articular cartilage around them. 

Described in own words, but parts are found on the article by Jason Szova (Source)

I hoped you liked this post and it helped you by staying motivated in your exercise routine.

Wish you a wonderful day! Lots of love,

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  1. Totally agree, I don't go to the gym but I do keep myself busy and active. :)
    Great blog!


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