My New Blog Design - The Official Guide!

Hey guys!
As you might have probably seen when you visited my blog, my blog design has changed. After 2 hours of experimenting and trying out different designs, I finally created this one. I know that my last blog design change is not that far away and I really loved this one, but I always thought that something is missing. So I added a few more colour accents and changed the fonts to a more straight less cursive version with straight lines.



The header

I can not promise that the header will stay that way, but I am definitely more pleased with the new version than with the old one. Here you can see the straight lines in the font and I wanted to enhance the word play in the word "How 2(to) look pretty" which I intended right from the beginning when I started this blog. So I hope that with this header this becomes more obvious for new people.

The page tabs
My pages existed somewhere on the side hidden between thousands other things. However, I discovered how I can organize my blog posts much better. So I put them right underneath my header and now you can search directly blog posts under its topic.

Social networks
I still like the idea from having pictures on the side that link to my social network pages. I just updated it with my whole straighter design.

Just click yourself through the whole blog. I changed the font here and there and did some other changes in general. Do you like the new blog design or do you prefer the older more cursive version?

Wish you a wonderful day!
Lots of love,

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