Chanel Dupe! Catrice Nailpolish 840 Genius In The Bottle

This nail polish is one of my current favourite ones for the autumn time. It is the Catrice Ultimate Colour in 840 Genius In The Bottle and the special thing about this nail polish is that it shows different colour shades depending on the light and the perspective you are looking at your nails. It reflects in golden, green and brown shades - definitely unique.
And what does this colour remind you of? Yes, the Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour 531 Peridot from their Fall Collection back in 2011 looks exactly the same and I was reported that the application of the Chanel is even worse than the Catrice one. The only difference is that the Catrice costs 2,49€ and the Chanel one costs 23€. So, even though this nail polish was from the fall collection in 2011, I think this nail colour is still really suitable for fall and looks absolutely stunning, so this is the perfect dupe for this!

I hope this post was helpful & tell me whether you buy dupes or the original beauty products?

Wish you a wonderful day!
Lots of love,


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