Can You Really Relax?

In this modern time, it is hard to find some free time, some "inefficient" time that is not filled up with important stuff that has to be done immediately. We always feel a constant rush in ourselves, a neverending cycle that doesn't allow us to spend time for ourselves. It is hard to calm down and just do anything. Yes, silence even starts to feel uncomfortable! So, this raises the question of whether you are even able to really relax or whether you are torn in our busy world?

I have to admit, on some days it is hard for me to stop thinking about school and what has to be done and I would even say that in some days it is impossible and inevitable. However, I can relax and I do not need a lot. Today I bought a punch of candles in IKEA, especially vanilla flavoured candles. My relaxation starts when I light a candle in my bedroom, sit down on my bed, have a cup of tea and read a book. Sometimes I crap my MAC Book, but the real relaxation starts with a book. I am here and now with all my senses, but still do not worry about my life. I am just enjoying the moment, I am pleased with my life, my health and that I can sit here in the warmth. A book also opens up a new world which might take your thought away from your current worries. 

However, I know that for some people it isn't that easy to relax and that this can even cause burn-out. Thus, it is extremely important that you take your "MY TIME"! Tell me, can you relax and how do you do that?

Wish you a relaxing sunday!
Lots of love,

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