10 Important Things You Miss When NOT Living Alone

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Today I want to introduce you to a lovely guest blogger. Her name is Louisa and she has a lovely blog about love, relationships and all her experiences. Please check her blog here *Link*. Enjoy!

Hey! Here's Louisa :) I just recently moved into my very first own apartment, so I wanted to share with you 10 reasons why you should live alone. I thought about living in an apartment with another roommate because of the social aspects, however, I was bothered if I would have to make too much compromises and couldn't stand my roommate or just don't share the same lifestyle like him or her. And by the way, unfortunately, I am a pretty intolerant person.

#1 More responsibility
When you are living alone, you have to take more responsibility, however, that only matures you in a positive way. You learn to handle or organise things on your own and you learn that you don't need anybody any more to organise your life.

#2 Your own apartment - your personality
The good thing about your own apartment is that you can create and design your place exactly the way you want it to be. Every detail and every item represents your own personality and in the whole apartment "is your spirit".

#3 Better social life
While being alone, you are automatically forced to socialize more as being alone can be frustrating in the beginning. Every weekend I hang out with other friends which improves my relationships a lot.

#4 No compromises
While living alone, you don't have to do any compromises with your roommate. You can set your own sleeping time or learning time, you can go clubbing when you want and come home with anyone who want and at any time. No one judges about your lifestyle.

#5 Everything is how you want it to be
Without a roommate, everything stays automatically cleaner, also all the food in the fridge is yours and no one uses up your cosmetic products.

#6 Start talking to yourself
A funny side effect is that you start talking to yourself or you just turn on the TV all the time. I have no clue why that happens :D

#7 Start cooking more
Ordering food for one person isn't always possible and sitting in a restaurant alone is also not always the funniest thing. Thus, you start cooking more, also because no one judges about your cooking skills. Additionally, when you start cooking for yourself, you might start cooking a lot healthier as you become conscience of what you put into your body.

#8 Better fitness level
No one judges about your extended sport exercises, so you can do as many exercises at home or you can also go as often to the gym or running as you want to. I just started doing sit-ups in the evening when I have nothing to do.

#9 Leave the bathroom door open
Besides the fact, that you could walk around naked, you can also leave the bathroom door open without worrying that someone will come around the corner.

The best aspect is that you can literally do what every you would like to do. You have all the independence and freedom to do everything. When you want to cook pasta after a clubbing night at 5 am. or when you want to watch TV while falling asleep, absolutely everything is possible.

I hope you enjoyed this post and when you liked reading this, then please check out her blog. Please have a look here *Link* and leave her a comment by telling whether you liked her post.

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  1. Great post! I often thought about this topic, although I'm only in the 10th grade of a gymnasium. But because of my many fears, especially at night and about darkness, I would prefer to live with others together for the first years in a new city (while studying for example).

    Oh und jetzt fällt mir erst ein dass in deinem Bloggerprofil ja steht dass du auch Deutsch sprichst :D Aber naja! Toller Blog übrigens mit sehr interessanten und abwechslungsreichen Themen :)


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