What The Hell Was Going On?! - Everything changed

Hello guys!

How are you?
I can not express how much I have missed you. I also know that there is no really obvious excuse why I have been absent for such a long time. It literally feels like ages since I sat down and really wrote a blog post for you. Thus, I want to take the time and explain what was going on with my life.

Do you know when you suddenly lose the fun to do something or your head is full of so many things that there is just no space left for something that was important in your previous life, but can't cooperate with your new one?
Well, that happened when I met my first boyfriend, fell in love and had some wonderful months. I focused so much on him that I neglected quite a lot of things and what happened? Yes, we quit with a lot of tears and pains on my side only after three months. I had to suffer from my first lovesickness. Plus I graduated from school, I have now my Abitur, I applied to many universities and moved into a new city. The problem was that I didn't get an university place in the city where I wanted to, so I was really frustrated. However, a few days ago I got my desired university place, which was so surprising! Also, I started my hunter's license which was pretty hard and included a lot of learning, but I successfully also achieved this.

So who I am now? // I am a law student in my favourite city. I am living alone in a tiny studio apartment, because the rents are incredible high here. I am living central in a metropolis, but still have to cope with living alone. I have had my first boyfriend, I am over him and I am really enjoying my single life. I am sometimes thinking about him and I have no new boyfriend. I have learnt how important it is to have good friends and I am became a lot more social, spontaneous and open. //

I really feel that with me being a student a new chapter in my life starts. And you are a part of this new chapter. I needed the break during this transition and here I am back in order to post new content and new posts.

So I am questioning you: Do you like the content of the previous posts or are you interested in something new, other emphasis? More fitness, health, food, recipes post or staying with the haul, fashion and beauty section?

I am so glad that I am ready to start again & I hope that you are staying with me!

Lots of love,

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