Kiwi Apple Smoothie - Fresh, Light & Super Delicious

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I hope you have a beautiful day even though the weather total crap here, just cloudy, cold, rainy and windy. Just the perfect weather to stay in bed with a cup of tea for the whole day. Unfortunately, hardly anyone has the time to do that. Today I want to share with you a really tasty and fresh Kiwi apple smoothie. I didn't expect that apples would taste so good in a smoothie, but I really like it. I think I will do a lot more smoothies with apples. So here we go.

Kiwi Apple Smoothie
Ingredients: 1 Apple, 2 Kiwis, 1/2 juice of an orange, cold water
Calories: 169 cal
Ideal for: extra fruit portion, next to regular meal

This smoothie is incredible juicy, fresh and the perfect mixture between sour and sweet caused by the mixture of orange and apple. This smoothie really made me feel a lot fresher and healthier. I wouldn't recommend it exclusively as a pre-workout drink, if you want to workout then you have to eat something with carbs on top of that. But such a pre-workout drink will come in a few days. The only thing that you have to remember: never combine kiwi, pineapple or papaya with anything milk-based (milk, yogurt etc.). Your drink will be incredible bitter and unenjoyable. 

I hope you liked this smoothie recipe and let me know whether you liked this recipe when you have tried it on your own. Do you want more smoothie recipes?

Have a wonderful day!
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