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Hello guys!

How are you?
I hope you enjoy your day. Today, besides of a little harder workout, I am going to start a cleaning day. Since I am living alone, any dirt or dust literally freaks me out. I think that this will fade after a while, however, till now I can't stand this at all. I also think about sharing my healthy and delicious dinner with you. I don't reveal what I'll cook ;)

So I wanted to share my new blogging schedule. I tried out posting every other day, but I hated the fact that one week you have 4 and then the other 5 posts. Then I tried out posting every single day which worked quite well, but was personally quite stressful. So, from this week I'll post a blog post from Monday to Friday - 5 times a week. And on weekends you have time to read all my posts or just have fun and enjoy the weekend.

This is what works for now. If I am forced to do any chances because of my law study, that starts in October, then I'll let you know that. However, till then I will keep this schedule up and hope that you like this more transparent overview.

I hope you found this helpful and tell me what are you doing today!

Lots of love,

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