Fall/Autumn Fashion Haul (Maison Scotch, Esprit, Only, Review,...)

Hello guys!

How are you?
Did you also go into the shop your the current fall/autumn collection? I don't know what it is but I always freak out with the fall fashion. Obviously, I also buy clothes during other seasons, but the fall fashion really brightens up my heart and I walk through all stores with adrenaline and want to buy literally everything. So I wanted to share with you my fall/ winter clothes for this seasons so far. I also bought a lot of running clothes, but I doubt that is so interesting. 

I started in Butler's as I had a voucher from them and bought two storage boxes each for 9,99€. I think there look much more attractive than the usual plastic ones.

So let's start with the fashion. I love this burgundy red cable-knit sweater from H&M for 24,95€. It's super soft and cozy, just perfect for the cold weather.

I searched for such a cap for quite a long time and like some people need a new pair of boots every year, I need a new cap every year. So I chose this cap from Review for 12,95€. I love this fake fur bobble!

I've never heard of this brand reps. never searched there, but they have really great clothes! This green leopard sweater is from Maison Scotch and costs 45,95€. It's a bit pricy but has a fantastic design.

And then I bought something that I wanted FOR YEARS. Long black leather pants! And not the leggins style because I think that looks a bit bitchy. So these leather trousers from Only for 39,95€ are perfect! I think this looks so trendy even when it's cold outside.

Then I bought a really short black skirt with gold studs from Vero Moda for 29,95€. I really like this skirt even though you can't eat a lot before wearing it ;) But it had a little hole in the back, so I have to sew it :(

And then I bought a new between-seasons jacket. I already own a biker jacket which is black with gold zippers, but is really light and doesn't keep you warm. This leather cotton jacket from Esprit for 119,99€ is stylish, warm, really on trend and made out of super good quality. 

So this was my fall/autumn haul. I love every single piece of my new purchases. The problem is that my university starts in two weeks and till then, I have literally nothing to do. And what do you do when you have too much time? You go shopping esp. when the mall is 10 minutes away from you. So currently one could define me as a shopaholic, but I hope that this will end in a few weeks :)

Have you bought something from the current collection?

Wish you a wonderful day!

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