What to buy for the PERFECT Smoothie

Hello guys!

How are you? I hope you have a wonderful day! I start my (hopefully wonderful) day with a nice and fresh smoothie that satisfies enough and long without being too filling and gives enough energy for my upcoming workout in a few minutes. I think about doing like a smoothie series in which I share with you my favourite smoothie recipes. What do you think about this?

So I went grocery shopping for my smoothie. The key of smoothies is variation and this haul is only a tiny bit of all the ingredients that you can buy for smoothies. I always try to get bananas, strawberries and nectarines, but you have to stay flexible and today I wanted try out some new fruits.


// kiwi, oranges, citron, apples, banana //

// frozen raspberries, frozen spinach (great for green smoothies) //

// almond milk, cinnamon //
Instead of almond milk I also often buy soy milk, oat milk or regular milk. I also really like to go with some frozen berries and strawberries and almonds, oats and cayenne pepper are great toppings. I am really in the mood for sharing with you a lot of smoothie recipes. As I have mentioned a few blog post before, I am now living alone, thus, I have a lot more possibilities in terms of sharing all my recipes with you. So if you are interested in rather healthy, I would say, protein-based recipes, then give a shout :)

I hope you are also having a great day, maybe with a nice smoothie in the morning. I am going to go jogging right now.

Lots of love,

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