2012 Year In Review: When You Think You Own the World

Hello guys!

I know that I haven't posted something for a while now and that I even forgot about my pre-written blog posts, but I am currently studying for my FINAL exams and that is so incredibly time-consuming and my whole head is filled with school stuff. So please excuse this lack of post and I doubt that this will change in the future. Nevertheless, I wanted to reflect on the past year 2012 as I absolutely hate New Year's Resolution and rather prefer looking at what I have achieved and doing the things that I want to change in the minute when I want to change them an not waiting for a new year to start. Nevertheless, I will include a little list of things that I plan on doing in 2013. So let's get started with my End of Year Review!

Prevailing mood for 2013?

What have you done in 2012 for the first time?
I travelled only with my sister to a foreign country where we can't even speak the language, I also went to a road trip with my own car and with my sister which was super exciting. I also applied to a work experience voluntarily, went clubbing for the first time in my life (!) and had some really fun experience on my final course trip to Amsterdam. 

What haven't you done?
I didn't travel to Switzerland this year, even though we have a holiday house there and I spent my whole childhood over there. I also forgot celebrating my birthday, because the whole school was so stressful. That's also the reason why I forgot to really enjoy my life and the little moments in our life.

Word of the year?
School Stress

Gained weight or lost weight?
I lost weight because of my aim to get a hot summer body during the summer time :) and because the school stress in autumn.

Visited cities?
Dresden, Leipzig, Florence, Vienna, Weimar

City of the year?
Florence! I have been to Vienna before, thus, it was not that exciting to see everything again, but Florence was definitely an adventure. It is a rather historical city with lots of tourism, but the whole Mediterranean atmosphere, colours, architecture and food were so incredibly inspiring. I think I am in love with Italy!

What about alcohol?
Well, I enjoy having a drink in moderation. I prefer wine and detected my new love for champagne and vodka.

Hair shorter or longer?
Shorter! If you asked me in the beginning of last year, I would have never said that I would cut my hair shorter even though it was only shoulder length. But I absolutely love my new hair and I even died it a bit lighter!

Have you saved the money or spent it freely?
Caused by my really time consuming school I haven't really found the time to spend a lot of money on anything, so at the end of this year I had a lot of money so I just bought myself a few things here and there but nothing major.

Highest mobile phone bill?
Ewww... I don't pay them.

Did you go to a hospital?
No. I have never been into one.

In love?

Most called person?
Probably my sister as she moved into her own flat.

Spent the best time with?
My sister!

Spent the most time with?
MY SISTER & my friend in the club!

Song(s) of the year?
All songs from Coldplay, Battles by Hudson Taylor and Levels by Avicii!!!

Book of the year?
I had to read a lot for the school so I haven't had that much time to read. However, my favourite book was probably Delusions, Confusions by Theodor Fontane.

TV serie of the year?
Oh, since summer I love watching Grey's Anatomy. Seriously, this is only my scond series after Gossip Girl that I really like.

Most expensive thing that you bought this year?
My Nikon Coolpix Camera.

I would be able to live without ... ?
the school stress, the not existing time for myself and the insecurity regarding my future.

Best experience?
Slowly starting to learn the positive effects of being female and how to use this wisely ;)

2012 with one word?

My plans for 2013:
  • having a healthy and well-balanced diet even during stressful periods
  • working on my sixpack ;)
  • just buying makeup products that I REALLY need or are used up
  • being more self-confident, authentic and care less about other's opinion
  • pass my final exam, moving out and starting my new career
  • living more care free

So this was my Review of the Year 2012. I am so excited about 2013 because this years starts a new chapter with my life. Everything, absolutely everything will change in my life and I am super excited of how I am going to handle these changes. I also want to progress in my character because I feel quite wise and mature, but not really fun-loving even though this lifestyle attracts me the most. So we will see what 2013 will bring!

What have been your experience in 2012 and what are your plans for 2013?

Wish you a wonderful day! Love,


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