The Magic of the IKEA Bedroom Finder

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As you might know, I am going to move out of my parents' house this summer and even though my final exams are not over, I am super excited of decorating, designing and painting my future apartment. That is kind of funny because I have no idea how my future apartment will look like, so all my thought and imagination can't do their job properly. But maybe everyone has to keep its little dreamer personality! Recently, I found an amazing bedroom finder by Ikea where you can customize your bedroom a tiny bit to your personal style. (Link - You can find the planer when you scroll down the site). Unfortunately I haven't found this program on the english side, so I though I might guide you through the program and translate it so that you can do it even in German. Once you did the first step, you will be able to do that even when you can't speak any language! :)

IKEA bedroom finder

When you start the program, Ikea tells you that you can find your bedroom in 3 steps. No.1 is to choose your style, No. 2 is to determine your details and No.3 is to send your personalized bedroom as an email. So let's press the "Start" button and do the first step!

Now, you have to decide between four different bedroom styles. The first one is modern and dark, the second one is modern and bright, the third one is classic and the last one traditional. On the pictures you can always see a little preview of the style.

I choose the "classic" style as I like it the most. Ikea gives you know the "starter bedroom" where you can customize the bed, bed sheets, side table,  rug, curtains, drawer, dresser and even the wallpaper and the flooring. All prices are calculate in the upper right corner of the side. The only bad thing is that you don't have the possibility to choose all beds/rugs/drawers etc. that Ikea offers but only the ones that they suggest for this particular style.

My bedroom

This is the style that I came up with. I always wanted to have this dark brown Hemnes bed and the PAX dresser with these huge glass doors. I also fell in love with this dusty rose wallpaper as it transfers a feminine, girly flair in a sophisticated way.

This is the same bedroom only with dark curtains. I will probably need dark curtains to keep all the sunlight away, but the floral curtains will work great as a room divider.

 Other inspirations
Modern & dark
Modern & light
As you can see you are able to create thousands of different styles and combinations. Of course you don't have to buy everything they show here, but I think this bedroom finder can be a great inspiration or can help you to find out which colours will work together.

Which style do you like the most? What do you think about the Ikea planer or do you think this is just a method to sell you more products?

Wish you a wonderful day! Love,

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