Winter Sale & New Spring Collection Haul!

Hey guys!

This always happens when I go out for some serious winter sale shopping: I always end up buying some not-so-cheap products in the winter sale, because either all good things are already sold or they just sell all the crap stuff and and I always find the clothes from the collection so much better that I buy one or two products form this one. That thing happened again this year except that I am quite proud of the deal that I made with my coat. So if you want to know which clothes I bought from the winter sale and the new spring collection and what is my big deal, then keep on reading!

I usually don't buy basic tops that much, but this one with these beautiful lace details on the top just caught my eye. I love this top because I personally think that these tiny straps doesn't suit me and the larger straps with the lace can be combined to a casual outfit but also for sophisticated and elegant one. For the summer, I also purchased the pink one.

I know that there are a lot of prejudices of leopard print and that blouse is quite a statement and one have to have a certain self-confident in order to wear it with proud, but I love it. Yes, it is eye-catching and a lot of people will hate it, but I think that it gives you a sultry, sexy but still wearable look.

Esprit glittery bouclé jacket for about 75€

In my christmas outfit ideas post I have already shown you the jacket, but I bought around the christmas time when the pre-winter sale has started on Esprit. Unfortunately, you can't buy the exact one in Esprit any more, but there are loads of other bouclé jackets out there, even in Esprit. I love tis jacket because it really keeps you warm, looks incredibly posh and I feel like Coco Chanel in the same time.

Esprit classic trench coat with belt about 120€

Now this is the famous deal that I was talking about in the beginning. This classic, timeless and absolutely amazing fitting camel trench coat with a figure enhancing belt costed originally about 260€. And by accident, I found this coat in the corner of the lingerie. Yes, don't ask e why it was standing right there, but it was more then 50% off, so it costed a bit less then 120€ and I had t buy it!

So this was my little winter sale haul for this year. i just realized that I try to invest into things in which I really believe in and where I am sure that I am going to wear them. I only have to pay attention that I am not startin to wear too conservative clothes even though I love them so much. So my aim for  my next haul is too follow the more sexier style and therefore, being more authentic. What have you bought in the winter sale?

Wish you a wonderful wintery day! Love,

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