What I Got For Christmas

Hello everbody!

Long time no post! How are you? How was your start into 2013? Well, I spend a few days in Vienna and it was just an amazing and really exciting vacation and unfortunately, my final exams are going to come in March, so I have to start learning right now. Thus, I might have to extend my regular routine of posting new posts to every third day, but we will see. Today I want to show you what I got for Christmas which means that I don't want to brag in any way. I am a blogger and I share my life with you and getting the presents for Christmas is one part of my life. So here we go!

My presents

My mum is absolutely addicted to perfumes, therefore, it was not a surprise that I found a new perfume in this package. This year I got the Lady Gaga "Fame" perfume. I have to say that it smells surprisingly good for a perfume of a celebrity. It has a rather oriental, deeper, sensual scent. 
I also received the Chanel perfume "Mademoiselle" from my father which is a rather softer, more girly but still feminine scent.
This is the big present that I received this year. It is the Yonanas Ice Cream Maker which is just perfect for someone with lactose intolerance, because you just use frozen fruits and you get some nice ice cream!

I also received a calendar for 2013 with the topic England and absolute breathtaking photographs.

The next one was the cookbook "my father's daughter" written by Gwyneth Paltrow. I thought that this was a quite reasonable investment as I am going to move into my own flat this summer and love the healthy kitchen.

I also received a lovely personalised make-up holder with larger and bigger holes where I can organise my brushes, pencils and lipsticks.

Then I also got two amazing films that I wanted to have for years! The first one is the autobiography of Johnny Cash called "Walk The Line" and second one is "Troja". Both films are truly amazing and have to be watched!

Apart form that I got a nice necklace and lots of money from relatives who usually have no clue what they have to buy. Yes, that's it for my Christmas presents. I don't want to comment on the amount or the value of all these presents, again, I just want to share also that little part of my life with you. What did you receive as a Christmas present?

Wish you a wonderful New Year!

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