Diets & Weight Loss - Trying to Capture A Myth

Hello everybody!
During this time of the year companies and all magazines will publish their recent diet and weight loss programs after the comfortable christmas and winter time. Did you know that the fitness and diet industry is one of the most profitable branches? Thus, it is hardly surprising that all of them try to make the most money by promising the dream body or the most amazing weight loss, of course, ONLY with their program.

There exist ton of different fitness and diet programs starting from extreme crash diets, extreme diet changes like Atkins Diet, Dukan Diet, Vegan or the controlled healthy eating program symbolized by Weight Watchers. However, after watching and studying all of these programs, I came up with this main rule that is the base of all diets and the key to weight loss and getting healthy: diet and fitness / income and outcome have to be in balance!

My beautiful graph :)

This is so simple that I found it hard to believe, but all these programs use this basic rule in different ways. Whether they decrease the income dramatically like in a crash diet, change the substances of your income completely like in a Vegan diet or just have a program that gives you a controlled eating plan like Weight Watchers. However, they are all not a miracle. They can help you by motivating you, by giving you an idea of what to eat and by keeping you on track with your diet, but you don't need them to lose weight. You can do everything on you own! 

So let's have a look at your diet, at your food:

When you want to lose weight the simple thing is that you have to eat less which means controlling your portion size. You don't need a super-size menu, just eat as much as your body needs. When it comes to what to eat, then it's easy to say to eat healthy. Basically, this means to avoid lots of fats and an one-sided diet and to replace it with a clean diet with lots of veggies, fruits and "white" meat. The key to every diet is moderation, because nobody can scratch all sweets out of its diet, so always keep your discipline and control so that you can allow yourself 1-2 pieces of chocolate and not one bar.

Even though fitness is claimed to be the key to weight loss, only 20% of our fitness influences our weight. 80% of our weight loss is influenced by our diet! However, if you want to lose weight and get a defined and lean body, then you have to do sport. I do HIIT workout our Zuzana Light's amazing workouts (Link) about 5 times a week, but again, it's not about a certain program. The basic rule is that you find an exercise that incorporates strength and cardio and that you like and thus, it becomes a part of your routine

The main thing is that you keep income and outcome, food/diet and fitness in balance. Allow yourself some treats, but keep everything in moderation and keep the overview of what you are eating. When it helps you, then you can write it down. 
Nevertheless, keep in mind that you don't need one of these expensive diet and fitness programs which lead to the yo-yo effect in the worst case! Weight loss starts in your head and with these two factors that have to be in balance, everyone can lose weight on it own for free!

I hope you liked this post and tell me whether you have had any experiences with diets?

Wish you a wonderful day! Love,

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