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Ironically when I started to plan my Spring Series, it started to snow in my town, however, I don't see that as a sign right now and just keep on doing my spring series as I have planned to :) So I have already talked about my top 5 wearable fashion spring trends for 2013 which you can read here and I thought I'll start a spring series where I show you my outfit idea for every spring trend as some of you might find it hard to transform runway fashion to "normal fashion." So let's get started with the first trend - Short Suits:

My outfit:

  Freizeitoutfit Short Spring Suit Outfit

  1. White Blazer by Best Connection - 49,90€
  2. White Shorts by Vero Moda - 29,95€
  3. Necklace by Baur - 17,99€
  4. Coral pumps by Ravel - 68€
  5. White Bowling Bag by Morgan - 69,99€
  6. Coral blouse with ruffles by 3 Suisses Collection - 12,99€
I love the white shorts & blazer as it is not only a trend colour in spring but also is absolutely perfect for a bright but yet elegant and polished look. By choosing your short suit, when you don't buy the two pieces from one line, you have to pay attention that blazer and shorts have the same colour tone and cooperate with their textures. So a linen shorts doesn't work with a satin blazer. To put in some colour into this outfit, I choose coral for the blouse and the heels, but stayed with white for the bag and the jewellery. I think, two different colours in this outfit are totally fine. I went for a blouse as it is a more sophisticated look, however, it doesn't has the conservative cut but rather some ruffles which is a softer, beautiful version for spring and summer.

So this was one of my outfit idea for my spring fashion trends 2013 and I will come up with a few more outfit ideas during the couple of days. I hope you like this idea :)

Wish you a wonderful day! Love,

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