Knit & Leather in the Winter - Outfit of the day

Hey everybody!

Uff, it's has been a hard time for me the couple of days. Learning for my final exams is so incredibly time-consuming that I can not even remember when I just sat down and wrote a blog post for you without worrying about thousand of other things. But finally (!) here I am writing to you and indulging myself to have break, because I really needed it. I actually really struggled with giving my brain a break and stop learning as I start to get a bit addicted to working.

So I thought it might be a great idea to share with you my outfit as this is an easy start for my writing season :) It is freaking cold outside, however, I wanted to look a bit stylish and tried to cooperate two different textures: knit and leather.

The outfit

Leather shorts: H&M. Tights. Knit sweater: H&M. Black top (underneath): New Yorker.

Shoe-wise I would recommend wearing black boots either some nice black riding boots, black ankle boots or some high oxford boots. I went for the last one. I really liked this outfit because the knit sweater really keeps you warm, so that you can wear some sexy leather shorts even in the winter. Also the chunky fit of the sweater does balance the tightness of the leather shorts and makes this whole outfit perfectly comfortable for the winter time. I added a black thin long sleeve top underneath as the knit / wool sweater is a bit scratchy. 

This was my outfit for today. I hope you don't mind when I can't keep up with my regular blog posts! What are you wearing during these cold days? 

Wish you a wonderful day! Love,

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