10 Lifesaving Things For Your Clubbing Bag

Hello guys!

Are you doing okay?
I hope you enjoy the weekends with its wonderful nightlife. I have to admit that I just started getting  really into this nightlife and clubbing scene pretty late. In Germany you can go clubbing when you're 18, however, I visited the club with almost 19 for the first time. And with almost 20 just recently during my break from Abitur to university I really got into clubbing and going out resp. after my boyfriend and I broke up. 

I know that packing a clutch or bag for the club can be really tricky as we are used to carrying around nearly everything in our huge bags. Thus, I want to share with you the items that I have in my clubbing bag. I have never missed anything and everything suits into a small clutch.

10 things for your clubbing bag

1. ID card
2. pocket mirror
3. keys
4. money
5. lipstick or lip balm
6. kirby grips / bobby pins
7. hair ties
8. mobile phone
9. chewing gums 
10. blotting paper

Extra tip: Tie the hair tie around your ID or drivers license and your money so that everything stays together. 

Of course, these are the things that are essential for me and it might be possible that you replace one or two things with another. However, I went clubbing quiet often and I have never missed something while being in the club. So this was helpful for you. 
Tell me, do you go clubbing?

I wish you a wonderful day!
Lots of love,

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