Get Ready With Me: Dinner Party with Friends!

Hey everybody!

Today I went out to an evening dinner party with my friends in order to celebrate our graduation. It was not a fancy event or any posh restaurant, but rather a pretty casual and laid-back dinner, so I payed attention at not to be over-dressed. I more enjoyed doing a little more obvious make-up resp. two months ago I wouldn't call this an intense makeup, but because I haven't had the time to do that for the last months, this is pretty intense for me right now. So let's have a closer look.

I just had a shower right before I left, so I blow-dried my hair. Then I used a little volume spray on my roots, a shimmer spray in my length and I was ready to go.

I tried to take a picture of my outfit, but I totally failed out of various serious. However, I tried to find examples for the clothes that I wore, so the blouse is not that minty but it is a good example in terms of the shape. Basically, I wanted to look casual chic and thus, I choose a basic dark denim skinny jeans and tugged in a dusty blue fluffy blouse.


My base consisted of Astor anti shine make up in 201 sand, the Catrice Light Reflecting Concealer under the eyes and the Vichy Dermablend Concealer for concealing my pimples. Also I used the Bourjois bronzer as a blush on my cheeks and a tiny bit where the sun would naturally hit me.

After applying an eyeshadow base, I went on with the second colour from the left from the Catrice Absolute Nude Palette and applied it all over the lid. Then I used the Alverde baked eyeshadow in Glam Mauve and blended it into my crease. I lined my upper lashline with the dark brown colour from the Essence eyebrow set and used the light brown from the palette for my eyebrows. Lastly, I curled my lashes and used the Essence I Love Extreme Mascara.

For the lips, I decided to go with the MAC lipstick in Blankety. In total, I tried to focus on the eyes as the lipstick will come of during the dinner anyway. 

So this was my makeup, outfit and hair for this evening dinner. Again, the makeup part was also pretty exciting for me as I haven't done any fancy eyemake-ups during my study time. But I am glad that I haven't forget how to do that :) I hope you forgive me that I wasn't able to show you my outfit in real and I wish you a lovely day!


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