Banana Raspberry Smoothie

Hello guys,

how are you?
I hope you are planning a great day today. Since a lot of my friends are moving away and I don't have so much to do till university, I get a bit bored during the day. However, today I am going to go clubbing again with my best friend and enjoy this lovely night. I hope you also have great plans for the day! In order to have enough energy for the whole day, I made a really tasty Banana Raspberry Smoothie this morning which I wanted to share with you. 

Banana Raspberry Smoothie
Ingredients: 1 banana, one hand full of raspberries, 1/2 juice of an orange, 1 cup of almond milk
Calories: 205 cal
Ideal for: breakfast, energy boost, protein-based, extra fruit portion


Not only does this smoothie look incredibly delicious and pink, but also is in fact incredibly delicious. I personally think that frozen raspberries are the best frozen fruits for a smoothie, followed by frozen strawberries. The smoothie is really fresh, sour and satisfying. I personally found that it didn't give me enough energy for my whole workout, but by adding some oats to the drink, this would work as a pre-workout drink.

I hope you liked this post. Do you also like to have a smoothie as a breakfast?

I wish you a wonderful day!

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