Exclusive Photos of Me on Instagram

Hey hey everyone!

How are you?
I want to make a huge announcement. Yes, you can also find me on Instagram now. I have been loving Instagram for quiet a while and I have been following a lot of people there. I think Instagram allows us to share a little bit of our private life with each other, thus, the person who uploads these pictures shows more personality and consequently, becomes more personal. Therefore, I hope that I become a bit more personal for you by sharing my photos with you.

On Instagram you can find exclusive photos of me that you have never seen before. I know that it took me in comparison with other people quiet a while, however, I have never been sure what I should upload. Now, I have found my niche and decided to share with you my meals that I prepare and in general, food that I love. Perhaps I will also include even more personal photos, so following me is worth it.


Let me know what you think about Instagram?

Wish you a wonderful day!

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