Nerd Glasses - Plague or still a Trend?

Twenty or even ten years ago it was hard to find a picture from celebrities wearing glasses. I have to admit that they didn't have the best glasses, but most of the celebrities were just to embarrassed showing their glasses. Now we look in the boulevard press and nearly every celebrity wears the big bold nerd-glasses that were band in the cellar for the last decades. They suit to a casual, smart and sophisticated look, recently they also had been suitable for the red carpet and parties. 

The trend has already been adapted from normal citizen like me. At the beginning there were just a few people walking around with these dark frames, but now it appears to be a plague, an invasion of nerd glasses! Everyone has to wear a nerd glasses even with normal window glass, it is a symbol of being cool, fashionable and on trend. Nearly everyone is convinced that exactly this type of glasses suit to him and completely forgets the sense of having a huge selection of glasses.

I have to admit I also have such a nerd glasses, however, I bought them before the invasion of nerd ray ban glasses started in Germany. I bought them after an intensive consultation with my optician and made sure that the glasses really suit to my face shape and my general appearance. I am a fan of my glasses and I can understand the people who take the celebrities as their examples in order to find out whether this glasses suit to them. But they have to stay flexible in their decision, because they don't have the face of David Beckham & Co!

Thus, I say that as long as the glasses really suits to someone I totally support the fashion trend. I personally go with the trend, not because it is a trend, but because I like the way it looks on me. It can be definitely worn as a casual, sophisticated, smart and red carpet feature and therefore, it is a fashion essential and a must-have for me.
And seriously, what would Johnny Depp be without his glasses?

What do you think about this eyeglasses trend?
I wish you a wonderful day! All the best,

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