Business Haul! - H&M, Esprit, Tom Tailor and more!

Today I want to show you a huge business haul where I bought all the clothes for the time I worked in an office. Actually you don't need a ton of clothes and even my ones are too much, because they don't mind when you wear a casual, but still sophisticated t-shirt. Also, you are young and why should you dress so conservative. So if you want to know which business clothes I bought then keep on reading.
Firstly I decided to buy a few trousers, because you are not supposed to wear jeans in an office. So I bought a red trousers from TomTailor and also a blue trousers from Tom Tailor.
This beige trousers is from Esprit. It is a quite classic colour, but so elegant and wearable for any occasion.
Here we go with a lovely black cropped blazer from H&M. I actually have a normal length black blazer, but I thought this would be so cool when I wear e.g. high waisted skirts.
My last purchases are all from a german department store called Peek & Cloppenburg or P&C, but I am sure you can find something like this in your country too. So this is a red blazer whose inside is nwhite with blue starts. I also call this blazer my United States-blazer :)
This is a purple blouse that is a bit lighter and can be of example tugged in a trousers.
This is a standard elegant navy blue blouse with short sleeves. I absolutely loved to pair this one with a black high waisted skirt and navy pumps.
This is the same type of blouse just in red.
And here you can see the most old-fashioned item for me in which I didn't feel that comfortable, but I still like it. It is a blouse with red and white longitudinal stripes and long sleeves. Played up with a statement jewelry it doesn't look that conservative anymore.

So this was my haul for my office experience. Again you don't have to wear only blouses. It is absolutely fine when you don't look that conservative as long as it stays sophisticated.

Hope you liked this haul! Please let me know what you wear while working in an office for a short while.

Wish you a wonderful day!
Lots of love,

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