The Unofficial Date for the Beginning of Autumn/Fall


Does the fall really begins with 22th September? Or with the first leaves turning into yellow, orange and red, with the first grapes, the colder temperatures or the first cold that is catching you?

My (un)official date for the beginning of fall has something to do with the colder temperatures, but I feel primarily ready for autumn when I swap my closet from summer to autumn/winter clothes. I have an antique closet that consists among other things of two closet rails in a row. So I have to divide my closet into two sections and so I decided to divide them into seasons. I would prefer having just one closet rail because you have a better overview of your clothes and a lot of summer clothes can also be transformed into autumn clothes, but as this is an expensive and antique closet, I don't have the heart to buy a new one.

During the next weeks it can happen that I will skip one or two posts, because my exam weeks have just started. I hope you understand this, because school is really important for me.
I hope you found this post interesting & tell me when the autumn starts for you?

Have a wonderful autumn day!
Lots of love,

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